Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They Sure Grow Up Fast!

The juveniles in the coop have settled into their new surrounds. They like the roosts whether in the coop or in the yard. They've grown since moving in to their new digs. Most things they do, they do as a group. They all eat at the same time, or decide to go inside at the same time, or decide to come outside at the same time, or take a nap together. They are a gang. A gang of teen-aged chickens.

Click to enlarge, if you like.

The younger chicks are beginning to out-grow the heated brooder box. Last week they were just little fuzz balls, and now they are in their awkward 'tweens'. (A little bit of fuzz, and some stubby little feathers.)

It is hard to get a shot sticking my camera down into the brooder box. They begin running around everywhere. So, I made another box in which I could place them one-by-one, and tried to take their picture through a hole in the side of the box.

The White Leghorn is about 8 or 9 days old now.

The Rhode Island Red is also about 8 or 9 days old.

The Plymouth Rock Barred is almost two weeks old.

The Australorp is also almost two weeks old.

Next week, the Plymouth Rock Barred, and the Australorp will make their transition to the coop and yard. There, their older siblings will show them the ropes (where the food is, where the water is, the hide-out under the ramp for when the dog comes around, and how to go up the ramp and into the coop for the night, etc.)

In two weeks, my remaining brooder box chicks will 'graduate', and then my life can begin to settle into a simpler routine of chicken management.


  1. Aw, the gangs growing up Myth :)
    They are a good lookin gang, just keep out of too much trouble, if possible!


  2. What an impressive 'cuddly' bunch :D
    I love this project!

  3. Oh how I wish I could be there to witness this. You are so cool...

  4. Chickens definitely seem to be social. Maybe there is more safety in numbers.
    Yo Stickup: I know you are, but what am I? : )

  5. Oh my goodness, they're gorgeous! "Awkward" my foot. I wish I looked this "awkward" when I was a pre-teen! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Time for some new pictures, "Dad".